Kadee Couplers

Kadee Couplers


Kadee® Magne-Matic® Couplers with Delayed-Action Uncoupling offer freedom of operation and realistic prototype train movements, with a minimum of uncoupling devices. It is a complete “Hands Off System” and much more automatic than even those on full-size railroads. No actual hand contact occurs during uncoupling, thus assuring smooth, reliable performance. Our couplers can also be set in a “delayed” position that allows you to “spot” cars anywhere on the layout.



The Delayed-Action Couplers are ready to couple at all times—just push two cars together and they automatically “couple up”. As two couplers are pushed together, the knuckles pivot aside to bypass each other, then are returned to the closed position by a coil spring, known as the knuckle spring.

Uncoupling with Kadee® Couplers is done over a magnetic “un-coupler” (uncoupling ramp). Uncoupling takes place when mated couplers are pushed to a stop over a magnetic un-coupler. Kadee® Couplers are equipped with a metal wire “trip pin” that curves down from the knuckle of the coupler head. The trip pins are slightly off center so when a pair of couplers are stopped over an un-coupler and slack occurs between the two couplers, the magnetic force of the un-coupler pulls the two trip pins in opposite directions out towards the rails thus opening and “uncoupling” the couplers. If you push or pull the cars away from the magnet, each coupler will automatically snap back to its centered position. (Knowing this, you realize that you “cannot re-couple” over a magnetic un-coupler.) This operation is known as “Magne-Matic uncoupling”, a very simple and reliable principle.

Kadee® Couplers are designed so that it requires two conditions to be met for them to uncouple: 1. Positioning the couplers over an uncoupler; and 2. Slack being caused between the couplers. Therefore a train can be pulled over the uncoupler while keeping a steady tension and the cars will not accidentally uncouple.

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