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10345 LGB G Scale Automatic shuttle unit
The shuttle train automatic circuit box allows you have a train shuttle between two stations. An ..
51079 LGB G Scale Electronic Locomotive Controller, 5 Amps
This new electronic locomotive controller for analog operation offers the latest technology for h..
51095 LGB G Scale 100 Watt Switched Mode Power Pack
Weatherproof (IP 67) switched mode power pack for supplying current to the 51079 controller ..
52120 LGB G Scale Analogue Controller, Outdoor, 5 Amps
The classic LGB “Lineman‘s Hut” now offers advanced features, including: Maximum 5 amps locomotiv..
55022 MTS Decoder for Small ­Locomotives
This ultra-compact decoder (28 x 14 mm / 1-1/8“ x 9/16“) is designed for installation in sma..
55028 LGB G scale Loco decoder
This decoder is suitable for using your locomotive in digital operation (DCC, DC, Mfx) as well as..
55081 LGB G Scale MTS Reversing Loop Module
Have the reversing loop on your digital layout switch automatically and without short-circuits. T..
£76.00 £55.00
55085 LGB G Scale MTS Reverse Loop Module (New)
Pre-order by telephone or email - you cannot check out this item New reverse loop module for ..
55524 LGB G Scale Turnout Decoder, 1 Circuit
Pre-order by telephone or email - you cannot check out this item Operating commands for an LG..
55525 LGB G Scale Turnout Decoder, 4 Circuits
Operating commands for an LGB solenoid accessory can be transmitted simply through the track with..
55529 LGB G scale Interface Connector Adapter
This interface connector adapter enables you to operate new 28-pin decoders in earlier MTS locomo..
60174 LGB G Scale Booster
This is a power/output booster for large digitally controlled layouts. It can handle multiple pro..

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