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22300 Secondhand LGB G Scale Breitenau Electric loco
Good boxed condition. ..
22440 Secondhand LGB G Scale RhB Electric Loco Ge 2/4, 213, MTS
Good boxed condition. No instruction manual ..
22741 Secondhand LGB G Scale DEV Spreewald locomotive with MTS
Good boxed condition. ..
23600 Secondhand LGB G Scale DB diesel loco with MTS
Good boxed condition. ..
33690 Secondhand LGB G Scale RhB Baggage Car
Some small scratches to paintwork.  Unused sticker sheet. ..
38246 Secondhand Piko G Scale PRR 2-6-0 Camelback steam locomotive and tender - analogue/digital sound
Excellent boxed condition. Instructions and accessories in box. ..
4071 Secondhand LGB G Scale White Pass and Yukon Caboose
No inner to box otherwise very good ..
4228 Secondhand LGB MOB Henniez box car
Very good boxed condition. ..
45254 Secondhand LGB G scale RhB Cement Silo Car, Uce 8028
Good boxed condition. ..
45720 Secondhand LGB G Scale Santa Fe box car
Excellent boxed condition. ..
46280 Secondhand LGB MOB Ausoni box car
Ver good boxed condition. ..
46680 Secondhand LGB G Scale ATSF Stock Car
Excellent boxed condition. ..
69572 Secondhand LGB G Scale Motorised Tender with sound
Good boxed condition. Addiditional sticker sheets. ..
81896 Secondhand Bachmann G Scale 1:20.3 GE 45-Ton Side Rod Diesel Midwest Quarry and Mining
Good boxed condition. One missing footboard on front - see picture ..
93120 Secondhand Bachmann G Scale Bobber Caboose ET&WNC 202
Very good boxed condition. Metal wheels. ..
ART42126 Secondhand Aristocraft G Scale Steel/Long Caboose Western Maryland 1857
Excellent boxed condition although box is faded. Metal wheels and also hook and loop couplings in..
ART86001 Secondhand Aristocraft G Scale Delton Classics Wood Box Car DRGW #86001
Excellent boxed condition. Metal wheels. ..

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