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21741 Secondhand LGB G Scale DR Spreewald locomotive 99-5633
A well used loco with broken whistle and missing light lens. ..
22300 Secondhand LGB G Scale Breitenau Electric loco
Good boxed condition. ..
22440 Secondhand LGB G Scale RhB Electric Loco Ge 2/4, 213, MTS
Good boxed condition. No instruction manual ..
23600 Secondhand LGB G Scale DB diesel loco with MTS
Good boxed condition. ..
29151 Secondhand LGB G Scale - LGB 120th Anniversary Train Pack
This is a secondhand item in excellent condition having been test run only LGB Train Pack to ..
31675 Secondhand LGB RhB 1st class coach with lights figures
Very good condition with 8 LGB seated figures. ..
33690 Secondhand LGB G Scale RhB Baggage Car
Some small scratches to paintwork.  Unused sticker sheet. ..
37919 Secondhand Piko G scale DB VTG Acid Tank Wagon
Excellent boxed condition. Replacement centre buffer buffer beam in box ..
38246 Secondhand Piko G Scale PRR 2-6-0 Camelback steam locomotive and tender - analogue/digital sound
Excellent boxed condition. Instructions and accessories in box. ..
3xxx Secondhand LGB G scale Lake George and Boulder Coach
Wrongly labelled box. ..
4033 Secondhand LGB G scale Chiquita Banana Van
Wrongly labelled box and paint damage on edge of roof. A good useable wagon. ..
4071 Secondhand LGB G Scale White Pass and Yukon Caboose
No inner to box otherwise very good ..
40810 Secondhand LGB RhB box car Cargo Domicil
Wagon is very good but box has some damage although still does its job. ..
41010 Secondhand LGB G scale OEG Hopper
Good condition ..
4167 Secondhand LGB G scale White Pass and Yukon box car #712
Good boxed condition. Truck mounted Kadee couplings on the origiginal LGB mountings so can be eas..
41870 Secondhand LGB G Scale Santa Fe Tanker
Good boxed condition ..
4228 Secondhand LGB MOB Henniez box car
Very good boxed condition. ..
42810 Secondhand LGB RhB box car brown
Good boxed condition. Wagon GB5809 ..
43750 Secondhand LGB G Scale Drovers Caboose Denver and Rio Grande Western
This is a repaint into DRGW #215. Kadee couplings are fitted although the LGB bogie mounts are in..
44850 Secondhand LGB - LGB Container Car
Good boxed condition ..
46280 Secondhand LGB MOB Ausoni box car
Ver good boxed condition. ..
81896 Secondhand Bachmann G Scale 1:20.3 GE 45-Ton Side Rod Diesel Midwest Quarry and Mining
Good boxed condition. One missing footboard on front - see picture ..
89695 Secondhand Bachmann G scale Cooach East Broad Top #8
As new ..
93120 Secondhand Bachmann G Scale Bobber Caboose ET&WNC 202
Very good boxed condition. Metal wheels. ..
AC77-101 Secondhand Accucraft 1:20.3 Dora live steam loco - 45mm only
Good boxed condition complete with original boiler and gas tank certificates. This has been used ..
AM66011 Secondhand Accucraft AMS G Scale San Fransisco Cable Car
Good boxed condition. ..
ART22206 Secondhand Aristocraft G Scale RS-3 Rock Island #492
Very Good condition.Weathered. "Yellow box". Fitted Pheonix sound unit (not extensively tested) ..
ART42120? Secondhand Aristocraft G Scale Steel/Long Caboose Rock Island - weathered
Good condition but in wrongly labelled box. Weathered. ..
ART42126 Secondhand Aristocraft G Scale Steel/Long Caboose Western Maryland 1857
Excellent boxed condition although box is faded. Metal wheels and also hook and loop couplings in..
R12057 Secondhand USA Trains G Scale New York Central Bay Window Caboose #21044
Good boxed condition with hook and loop couplers ..
R16132 Secondhand USA Trains G Scale Morrell Refridgerator Lines Reefer
Good boxed condition with hook and loop couplers. Lightly weathered. ..
R16159 Secondhand USA Trains G Scale Tiffany Reefer
Good boxed condition with hook and loop coupler one end and Aristo the other ..
R22051 Secondhand USA Trains G Scale 20 Tonner "Mighty Mo" - Burlington
Good boxed condition. Hand rails have never been fitted and are in the box. ..
SW101 Secondhand GRS IOM Passenger Car red
Very good boxed condition. Heavy metal construction with printed overlay sides. ..

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