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36-557 Bachmann E-Z Command 1 Amp 4 Func. 21 Pin DCC Decoder (DC Compatible)
Produced for Bachmann by ESU, this decoder is an essential item to get any Branchline model with ..
36-566 Bachmann E-Z Command 8 Pin DCC Loco-Decoder
Featuring RailComPlus. Four amplified functions. ..
36-570 Bachmann E-Z Command Plux22 DCC Loco-Decoder (with Brake Button function)
A Plux22 (NEM658) DCC Decoder suitable for models fitted with a Plux22 DCC decoder socket. Hi..
DCC18 Gaugemaster OMNI Series 4fn Next18 Decoder
Number of Functions 4 Number of Pins 18 Current Rating 1A (1.5A Peak) Address Range 1..
DCC26 Gaugemaster Compact 8 Pin Decoder
FEATURES Size: 18.5mm x 10.5mm x 4.8mm (0.73” x 0.42” x 0.18”) Power Handling: 1.1A Motor..
DCC30 Gaugemaster Prodigy DCC Accessory Decoder for Four Accessories
DCC40 Gaugemaster Prodigy Auto Reverse Loop Module
Automatically switches polarity in a reverse-loop situation - completely hands free. This unit ca..
DCC71 Gaugemaster  Prodigy DC Adaptor Plate/Decoder Tester (8 pin)
Insert the DCC71 plug into the matching socket at the rear of the Prodigy base unit. Insert the d..
DCC91 Gaugemaster Ruby Series 2 function DCC Decoder 21 Pin
The DCC91 is a direct plug 21 pin decoder. Fitted in the decoder is a small 2 pin socket which ca..
DCC92 Gaugemaster Ruby Series 2 function Small DCC Decoder 8 Pin
The DCC92 is a 8 pin decoder with a fitted 45mm harness between the pins and the decoder. An idea..
DCC93 Gaugemaster  Ruby Series 2fn Small DCC Decoder 6 Pin
The DCC93 is a 6 pin direct plug decoder which is most suited to N Scale locomotives. It can also..
DCC95 Gaugemaster Ruby Series 6 function Pro DCC Decoder 21 Pin
The DCC95 is a direct plug 21 pin decoder. Fitted in the decoder is a small 2 pin socket which ca..
DCC99 Gaugemaster Ruby Series PowerPal for use with DCC90/91/94/95
The DCC99 is the PowerPal and is designed to keep your locomotives running through dirty or dead ..
Imperium2 Dapol Imperium Next18 6 Function Decoder
Imperium is Dapol’s own brand of decoder. They have been designed to offer a full range of functi..
R7150 Hornby Standard 6 pin  2 function Decoder
R8249 Hornby  Digital 8 pin Locomotive Decoder
The Hornby locomotive decoders may be used with all standard digital control equipment that confo..

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