8414002 Massoth G Scale Automatic Uncoupler

8414002 Massoth G Scale Automatic Uncoupler
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For years many Garden Railroaders have been looking for an automatic Uncoupler that can replace the standard coupler with ease.This Automatic Uncoupler has much in common with the LGB® DUO Uncoupler Locomotive from 1993 and a major advantage: size! This Uncoupler fits easily in many G-Scale locomotives from LGB® and other manufacturers.

The Uncoupler consists of a drive unit and a mechanical unit.
A miniature motor and the requisite micro electronic circuitry are fully integrated in the drive unit.
This uncoupler technology is convincing!
Using the small motor, the coupling hook is lowered slowly. Simultaneously the lower part of the bracket is pushed towards the front. Thus, even a symmetric coupling can be easily uncoupled with just one unit.
The Automatic Uncoupler is manufactured of 100% black fibreglass plastics in proven injection molding which offers maximum stability and durability.

To operate the Uncoupler requires connecting to a standard decoder's Decoder+, Decoder- and a function output (open collector) by using the attached cable (3m).
A power supply of 16-22V with a maximum of 200mA direct rectifier voltage is required.

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