2021000 V3 Diesel locomotive

2021000 V3 Diesel locomotive
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At the beginning of 1980 the DEV took over the V122 of the VGH, that had been parked on the premises of the museum's railroad. This engine then named V21, was built together with the identical V22 for operation with the former "Euskirchener Kreisbahn". The engines were equipped with multi-way control allowing the control of both engines from a single cab. In 1966 they were sold as V121 and V122 to the VGH and served there until 1971 on the remaining narrow gauge line from Bruchhausen-Vilsen to Asendorf (today's railway museum railway). When the VGH gave up the service and the DEV took the museums operation over, they planned to re gauge the Diesel engines to 1435mm. In 1972 they reconstructed the V121 but they realised that such an undertaking was too extensive. Therefore, the V122 remained unchanged and was parked at the museum. Since 1982 the engine has been technically tested again and serves as V3 on the museums railway.

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