60174 LGB G Scale Booster

60174 LGB G Scale Booster
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This is a power/output booster for large digitally controlled layouts. It can handle multiple protocols in conjunction with the 60213-60215 Central Stations. It can be connected directly to the 60213-60215 Central Stations by means of a 7-conductor data bus line. Several Boosters can be used in a system by means of the 60125 Terminal. The Booster automatically registers itself in the 60213-60215 Central Stations. An LED on the Booster indicates its operating status; this status is also available graphically in the display on the 60213-60215 Central Stations. A maximum output power of 58 VA and a maximum current of 3 amps is available, when the Booster is used with the 60061 switched mode power pack (only a 230 volt version of the 60061 is available) (a maximum current of 5 amps is available for the 60215 when used with the 60101 switched mode power pack (recommended only for 1 Gauge) (only a 230 volt version of the 60101 is available). Make sure that the wire to the track is larger than 0.5 mm² in cross section!). Dimensions 150 x 110 x 80 mm / 5-7/8" x 4-5/16" x 3-1/8".

The 60174 Booster is only designed for operation in conjunction with the 60213-60215 Central Stations.

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