37230 Piko G Scale DR BR95 Steam Locomotive

37230 Piko G Scale DR BR95 Steam Locomotive
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The Prototype

The tank locomotive of the class 95 started service as class T20 in early 1923. It was intended to be used for heavy trains on steep grades and was the strongest locomotive procured by the Reichsbahn. It was able to pull 2060 tons at 31mph on flat terrain. After the Second World War, 14 of the 45 machines were used by the German Federal Railways. Their operation included helper service on grades. The last locomotive was retired from service in 1958 by the Federal Railways.

After the war, the Deutsche Reichsbahn received 31 locomotives of the BR 95 class. To increase capacity in the early 1970s, the tonnage per train was raised for the BR95. This demanded more physical work from engine personnel. To tackle the resentment of firemen, 24 locomotives were converted to oil firing. The last locomotives of this class were used around Sonneberg and not retired until the early 1980s. Several locomotives are preserved in museums. Engine 95 027 is operational and can be seen in service from time to time today.

Technical Details of the Model

  • 2 powerful 7-pole motors, protected from moisture
  • 4 ball bearing drive axles geardriven
  • Two wheels with traction tires
  • 5-wheelset electrical pickup with internal contacts
  • 4 spring-loaded pickup shoes sliding directly on the rails
  •  Heavy weight for traction
  •  Directional LED headlight and rear light
  •  Decoder-and Sound Ready (not fitted)
  •  Speaker mounting provided
  • Smoke generator in smokestack
  • Ready for installation of pulsed smoke generators
  • Length: 571 mm
  • Weight: approx. 3200 g

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