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C1244 Woodland Scenics Facet Rock Mould (10.25"x5")
C1245 Woodland Scenics Creek Bank Rock Molds
C1247 Woodland Scenics Shelf Rocks Rock Mould (10.25"x5")
C1262 Woodland Scenics HO Concrete Culvert
Use Earth Colors™ Liquid Pigment to detail Culverts in your choice of colors. Approximate outside..
C1263 Woodland Scenics HO Masonry Arch Culvert
Use Earth Colors™ Liquid Pigment to detail Culverts in your choice of colors. Approximate outside..
CBENCH - Station seat kit with cast ends and wooden laths
CC02741 Corgi 1:76  Only Fools and Horses - 'The Jolly Boys Outing' - Plaxton Panorama - Percy's Luxury Tours of Peckham
CDG - Roundhouse 16mm Cast Darjeeling Steam Generator
CDSR Roundhouse 16mm Signal disc repeater
Set of cast metal parts to make a model of the Ffestiniog Railway disc signal repeater. This wa..
CDU Gaugemaster Capacitor Discharge Unit
This unit stores up power in the built-in capacitors and when the point motor is operated, discha..
CFH - Roundhouse 16mm Fowler Headlamp casting and lens. Unpainted
CGB - Roundhouse 16mm - Gladstone bag. One piece casting - unpainted
CH - Roundhouse 16mm Cast whitemetal hammer
Clarence - Roundhouse live steam locomotive - pre-order for October 2021
This is a pre-order item. Please ring to reserve. Priced at £1700 for radio control or £1565 manu..
CLT - Roundhouse 16mm  4 wheeled luggage trolley
Seven piece cast metal kit. ..
COMBI Gaugemaster Single Track Controller with Plug in Transformer
This uncomplicated controller comes complete with a separate dedicated transformer which plugs di..
CPB - Roundhouse 16mm Royal Mail wall mounted post box. One piece casting. Unpainted
CSC - Suitcase. Two piece casting. Unpainted
CTM - Platform ticket machine. Three piece cast metal kit. Unpainted
CTS - Roundhouse 16mm Cast Trunk, small - 2 peice casting
CWC - Roundhouse 16mm Wall mounted station clock
CWS - Roundhouse 16mm Weighing Scales
D Gaugemaster Twin Track Cased Controller
this twin track unit is the perfect way to run a two track layout with the minimum of fuss. the h..
D206 Woodland Scenics HO Assorted Mailboxes
If you have houses, you need mailboxes for the residents' mail. There are single boxes, mail rece..
D207 Woodland Scenics HO Disc & Tractor (1938-1946) - Kit
This hardworking tractor looks great in a half-disced field or with plowed ground behind it. Park..
D214 Woodland Scenics HO 3 Outhouses and Man - Kit
These outhouses will look great on old farmhouse scenes, by old barns, schoolhouses and at depots..
Darjeeling B - Roundhouse live steam locomotive - pre order for September 21
This is a pre order item - please email or teleohone to reserve. Available to your specification ..
Davenport - Roundhouse 16mm live steam saddle tank locomotive - Deep bronze green - radio controlled - pre-order for February 21
This is a pre-order item. Please ring to reserve. Priced at £1850 for radio control. Deep bronze ..
DCC01 Gaugemaster Prodigy Express Starter Package
For a newcomer to DCC or for the operation of a smaller layout, this system is a great choice. Co..
DCC05 Gaugemaster Prodigy WiFi
The DCC05 Prodigy WiFi receiver gives Android and iOS users the option to operate their Prodigy s..
DCC18 Gaugemaster OMNI Series 4fn Next18 Decoder
Number of Functions 4 Number of Pins 18 Current Rating 1A (1.5A Peak) Address Range 1..
DCC26 Gaugemaster Compact 8 Pin Decoder
FEATURES Size: 18.5mm x 10.5mm x 4.8mm (0.73” x 0.42” x 0.18”) Power Handling: 1.1A Motor..
DCC30 Gaugemaster Prodigy DCC Accessory Decoder for Four Accessories
DCC40 Gaugemaster Prodigy Auto Reverse Loop Module
Automatically switches polarity in a reverse-loop situation - completely hands free. This unit ca..
DCC71 Gaugemaster  Prodigy DC Adaptor Plate/Decoder Tester (8 pin)
Insert the DCC71 plug into the matching socket at the rear of the Prodigy base unit. Insert the d..
DCC72 Gaugemaster 8 to 21 Pin Adaptor
Some manufacturers support 21 pin decoders in their locomotives. Given that this narrows down the..
DCC80 Gaugemaster Autofrog
The DCC80 Autofrog is a simple switch that automatically changes the frog polarity on your DCC la..
DCC91 Gaugemaster Ruby Series 2 function DCC Decoder 21 Pin
The DCC91 is a direct plug 21 pin decoder. Fitted in the decoder is a small 2 pin socket which ca..
DCC92 Gaugemaster Ruby Series 2 function Small DCC Decoder 8 Pin
The DCC92 is a 8 pin decoder with a fitted 45mm harness between the pins and the decoder. An idea..
DCC93 Gaugemaster  Ruby Series 2fn Small DCC Decoder 6 Pin
The DCC93 is a 6 pin direct plug decoder which is most suited to N Scale locomotives. It can also..
DCC95 Gaugemaster Ruby Series 6 function Pro DCC Decoder 21 Pin
The DCC95 is a direct plug 21 pin decoder. Fitted in the decoder is a small 2 pin socket which ca..
DCC99 Gaugemaster Ruby Series PowerPal for use with DCC90/91/94/95
The DCC99 is the PowerPal and is designed to keep your locomotives running through dirty or dead ..
DG221000 Corgi Trackside 1:76 Bedford RLHZ Green Goddess Operation Fresco
DG221001 Corgi Trackside 1:76 Bedford Green Goddess Auxillary Fire Service
DG223001 Corgi Trackside 1:76 Dennis F12 Silver
E10503DL EFE 1:76 AEC Mammoth Major 3 Axle Flatbed Lorry British Road Services (Lincoln) SPECIAL OFFER
E10507 EFE 1:76 AEC Mammoth Major 3 Axle Lorry Lord Rayleigh's Farms SPECIAL OFFER
E10606DL EFE 1:76 AEC Mammoth Major 4 Axle Cylindrical Tanker Whitbread*** SPECIAL OFFER
E10704DL EFE 1:76 AEC Mammoth Major 3 Axle Flatbed Lorry J. D. Lown & Co*** SPECIAL OFFER
Inner plastic of box yellowed ..
E10804DL EFE 1:76 AEC Mammoth Major 4 Axle Dropside Lorry Macreadys Carbon & Alloy Steels (Without Load)*** SPECIAL OFFER

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