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20180 LGB G scale Steam Locomotive, Road Number 99 5604
Model of a steam locomotive of the Lenz - type i DR . Authentic paint scheme and lettering in Era..
£457.00 £365.00
32521 LGB G Scale RhB Passenger Car, 2nd Class, Car Number B 2225
For many years, the so-called steel cars formed the image of the RhB express passenger trains. Th..
£289.00 £260.00
35513 LGB G Scale RhB Mark IV Express Train Passenger Car, 1st Class
Model of an RhB standard design Mark IV express train passenger car in the current version for an..
£289.00 £260.00
35690 LGB G Scale RhB Baggage Car in green
RhB baggage car in the original paint scheme of the Seventies. The car has a new car number D 4..
£158.00 £140.00
43882 LGB G Scale RHB High sided planked wagon
RHB High sided planked wagon. ..
£94.00 £85.00
45300 LGB G Scale RhB Freight Car, Car Number Gk 5269
The cars of this type were purchased by the RhB starting at the end of the 19th century and for m..
£91.00 £74.00
62221 Piko G Scale Aunt Bea's Farmhouse with Veranda - NOTE KITS ARE YELLOW WALLS
£150.00 £85.00
62241 Piko G scale Shell Country Filling Station with Tyres & Water
£140.00 £70.00
78530 LGB G Scale Digital Starter Set with sound, 230 Volts UK
DR steam loco with MFX sound decoder,smoke and lights. Two DR stake wagons and an oval of track a..
£995.00 £895.00
90610 LGB Toy Train three car LCE set
Toy Train three car LCE set. (no track or controller) ..
£194.00 £130.00
91402 Bachmann G Scale Percy the Small Engine - with moving eyes
Features: • moving eyes • international-style hook and loop couplers ..
£213.00 £125.00
92080 LGB G Scale Toy Train loco 11
Small Toytrain steam locomotive, road number 11, for the TT Railroad. You can play as professiona..
£126.00 £90.00
95900 Liliput G scale High-board Wagon Black Ep.III - V
£68.10 £40.00
95901 Liliput G scale High-board Wagon Brown Ep.III - V
£68.10 £40.00
98002 Bachmann G Scale Troublesome Truck 2
Equipped with international-style hook and loop couplers ..
£64.00 £40.00
98004 Bachmann G Scale Sodor Fuel Tank
Equipped with international-style hook and loop couplers ..
£66.00 £36.00
98005 Bachmann G Scale Tidmouth Milk Tank
£45.95 £36.00

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